flashback friday – “haiti: music to my ears” – 9 aug. 2012

This week's "Flashback Friday":  On this 8th anniversary of the devastating Haitian earthquake, I wanted to share this post I wrote shortly after a 10-day mission trip my son and I were blessed to participate in during the summer of 2012. I love these people and their country, and my short time there has forever... Continue Reading →

happy birthday, josh!

Today I am sending out a happy birthday wish to Josh as he turns the big 32! It's been a crazy week, so I didn't have time to write a new story. Instead, I'm rerunning this older one. 😉 Hope you enjoy it! --- In honor of his day, I thought I'd blog about one... Continue Reading →

flashback friday – dec. 18, 2011 – “all i want for christmas”

ON FRIDAY'S I (OCCASIONALLY) HIGHLIGHT OLD FAVORITES FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG, "FROM THE TOP OF THE STAIRS." I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE RE-RUNS AS MUCH AS I DO... --- Being the Christmas season, I once again find myself thinking back on my grandparents--especially my Grandma--who personified the Christmas spirit.  This is just a small snapshot... Continue Reading →

in over his head

Spring runoff thundered through the sunlight-dappled creek. “KerSploosh!” Stitch hurled in, black tail disappearing into the culvert under the dirt road. Savannah sobbed as we watched, helpless. Downstream, we cheered his exhausted, lumbering climb out. “What a ride!” his eyes exclaimed. Microstories must answer the weekly contest question in exactly 42 words. It's harder than... Continue Reading →

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