flashback friday – dec. 18, 2011 – “all i want for christmas”

ON FRIDAY'S I (OCCASIONALLY) HIGHLIGHT OLD FAVORITES FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG, "FROM THE TOP OF THE STAIRS." I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE RE-RUNS AS MUCH AS I DO... --- Being the Christmas season, I once again find myself thinking back on my grandparents--especially my Grandma--who personified the Christmas spirit.  This is just a small snapshot... Continue Reading →

on creativity, part 2: wordsmithing

As promised, here’s the next part of my “creative journey” story. Turns out I have quite a bit to say, so today’s post will focus on my writing, followed tomorrow by photography, and then, who knows? --- Growing up, I never felt like I had any creativity. I can’t sing (trust me when I say... Continue Reading →

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