my first gargleblaster

Midnight—all’s silent except my pounding heart, A Rose for Her Grave discarded on the nightstand; never read true crime when home alone… Suddenly, unmistakable sound of nails screeching, slicing through my window-screen. What the hell?! Sassy cat sails through the breach... --- Too late to be entered in the contest grid, but I couldn't resist this one.  Entries... Continue Reading →

learning to breathe…

So my plan to post several times a week seems to have stalled right out of the gate, but I promise to try and rectify that. After such a long spell of neglecting the creative side of me, I seem to have lost my words, and I'm having a hard time relocating them. More than a lack... Continue Reading →

at long last…

I'm back! These last two semesters were particularly crazy with two classes plus an internship during the fall and three classes this spring (including math, after a 26-year break... blech!), on top of family life and a full-time job. But, at long last I can finally say that I am a senior!  Only a few... Continue Reading →

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