at long last…


I’m back!

These last two semesters were particularly crazy with two classes plus an internship during the fall and three classes this spring (including math, after a 26-year break… blech!), on top of family life and a full-time job. But, at long last I can finally say that I am a senior!  Only a few more (part-time) years to go… 😉

I decided to take a much-needed break from classes this summer to refresh, regroup, and reconnect with my blog and, hopefully, my creativity. A year of math and “technical” writing will drain the creative lifeblood from anyone! I’ve set a goal of at least 2 posts per week, so I hope you’ll stop back by…

To help with this, I’ve signed up for an online photography class called “Be Still” with the amazing Kim Klassen, which starts mid-May, as well as an older class she teaches called “Beyond Layers.”

Today’s picture incorporates blossoms on my crab-apple tree, Kim’s “simplicity” texture, and a quote I found online about the need for rest from Mark Buchanan, author of a book titled The Holy Wild: Trusting in the Character of God.

Oh – and I’m doing a test-run of a new blog format, so I’d love some feedback.

Can’t wait for the rest of summer! See you back here soon…


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