flashback friday – 7 july 2009



Several months ago, one of the soccer moms on Savannah’s team asked if I would be interested in having Savannah join 4-H (Head, Heart, Hands, & Health) over the summer.

“Sure!” said I, not realizing what lay ahead.

I figured that it would be a fun thing for her to do and would give her something to look forward to over the long, boooorrrrrrrring summer ahead (at least that’s what she always tells me it is). J explained that it would be a fairly low-key thing with only about 6 girls total in the group. All the moms would take a week to teach some sort of “crafty” or “homey” skill, spending 1-2 hours. Sounds fantastic and easy, doesn’t it? Do not be deceived!

Shortly after, I attended her home for the planning meeting and signed up for a date far, Far, FAR in the future: July 7th. I very carefully wrote the date in a very reliable spot: the back of the envelope on a bill that I had shoved in my purse sometime in the last 5 years. Heaven knows I would NEVER throw that away! As is my wont, I came home and immediately forgot to write it down anywhere I would actually see it again this side of the grave.

Savannah, not having lost all her marbles yet as I have lost mine (oh, but fear not, little girl! You are my daughter and your day will come, much as I didn’t think I’d follow after my mom!), asked me on Saturday (yes, just this past Saturday, with that really busy holiday-thingy thrown in): “Mommy, what are you going to teach my 4-H group on Tuesday?”

Me (with just a touch of hysteria): “THIS Tuesday? Are you sure it’s THIS TUESDAY?”

Savannah cheerily affirmed the date and time for me, silently making a note to herself to check into the old folks’ home availability as mom forgot, again, something so easily remembered.

I called J to make sure, and sadly found that this was true. I spent hours of my life over the holiday weekend perusing the craft stores in town to figure out what to “teach,” because, guess what?! I really have no craft or home-making skills! At least none that wouldn’t instantly put the girls to sleep…

I finally decided that something in plastic canvas would be simple and so purchased oodles of yarn, needles, canvas,several pattern books: one for “simple to make” bookmarks (yeah! At least I could get one of my loves in there for them – who doesn’t need a new bookmarker?) and another for different “butterfly” patterns: grocery bag holders, tissue box covers, toasters, etc.

After coming home, I perused both books from cover to cover and decided on a nice, simple “daisy” bookmarker. Of course, I needed to do a test run, so I proceeded to spend an hour cutting the stupid canvas to match the pattern, only screwing up 2 times before I got it right. I then grabbed Savannah for her first “lesson.” Three minutes in, her eyes glazed over and she slipped out of sight as soon as my head was turned. Ah well… I’ll just go this one alone and see how long it takes me. I’ll add another 30 minutes on top of my time, and we’ll be good to go!

5 hours later, I added the finishing touches to my beautiful new bookmark, which, by the way, is much too fat to actually keep in a book without doing permanent damage to the spine. But I made it! So, scratch the book marks… Back to the pattern books: too tough for them, too tough for them, too tough for me… Then I found it: Butterfly magnets for the fridge! They were 10-year-old girl cute, could be done in any combination of colors, and better yet, were extremely small in comparison to the bookmarks – only two 1.5 x 1 inch wings wrapped together with a little pipe cleaner antennae to top it off. Quick, easy, and adorable!

Anyway, today I took off work several hours to do my “relaxing” afternoon with the girls. One of the girls couldn’t make it, so there were only four others plus Savannah. Easy-Peazy…

I won’t go into all the gory details, but 4 HOURS later, I finished up with the last of the butterflies, gathered up the giggling, gabbing gaggle of girls and delivered them back to their homes.

Can I just say, I have never been so exhausted in my life?!!!! I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow to recuperate 🙂 The saddest part is that next year, when Savannah wants to rejoin, I will probably have forgotten what a tiring experience it was and will subject myself to it all over again.

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