weeks 3 & 4 – running behind!

Please excuse my lateness for posting my week-3 photos, but at least I’m only a week behind instead of my usual months or years… 🙂

As is usually the case, I am buried up to my eyeballs in homework, barely a few weeks into the new semester, and struggling to find a balance between all my roles. One thing I’d really like to learn to do is still find time for myself – even just 5 minutes! – in the whole wife-mom-worker-student juggling act I’ve got going.  Hopefully, I can sneak working on my photography in as one of those quickly-whirling balls.

So, without further ado, here’s last week’s assignment from my friend, the Iotamaker (as always, you can follow the links to see others’ interpretations of the weekly theme):

“Nightly Routine.”

Now that it’s (temporarily) down to just the three of us, we all tend to scatter to our own corners of the house after dinner: Tom to his “man cave” in the basement, Savannah to her own messy cave dwelling, and me to my soon-to-be-vacated “craft room” which has only had about 5 minutes worth of crafting done in it.

Taking pictures of the other two was a little more challenging, as neither of them would comply with my orders (See: our normal, nightly routine!),

My honey's foot in his man cave.

…so I finally settled on a picture of my own. Most of the time my serene little craft room serves as my library/study nook.

My "light" nightly reading.
My “light” nightly reading.

Week 4’s aptly-chosen theme is “Something White.” Today we have been socked in by a nasty snowstorm (although to be fair — they’re all nasty in my eyes!), so it was easy to capture this picture! Good thing the dog’s were willing to go play in it, because none of the rest of us were. 🙂

Lucy takes a breather from dashing madly through the snow.
Lucy takes a breather from dashing madly through the snow.

Morris, however, was content to just hang out and watch the storm from his self-made kitty perch: there used to be knick-knacks on the shelf, but he cleaned house and made it his own.


Finally, in a related note, I just now realized that I left my “Friday Flashback” 2-part series hanging, so I’m going to post the second part of the story on Tuesday.

See you then!

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