week 2 – family rooms

“When you look at life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.”

~Joyce Brothers

Don’t be too surprised, but I’m back for the 2nd week in a row of my 52-week photo project!  Only 50 to go… 🙂

This week’s theme over at Iotamaker is the “Family Room.” (Follow the link to see more great interpretations.)

Our house isn’t big enough to warrant a room of its own for the family, so our little living room will have to do. Truly though, it lives up to its name, because here is where we watch tv, laugh, wrestle (more than you’d imagine), argue (on occasion – there are teenagers in the house), eat, or just hang out together.

But I digress…

Tonight Braden came home for a visit, which always does our hearts’ good, even Lucy’s as you can see by the way she adoringly throws herself at him.


Speaking of Lucy, anytime that there is more than one of us together, she insists on having the attention on her. I don’t think I’ve ever had an animal that thrives so much on physical contact. As I write this, she’s glued to my side, wet nose and floppy lips competing with my fingers for space on the keyboard! Lucky for her I’m always cold, so she’s like my own personal space heater.

Lucy has Savannah right where she wants her!
Lucy has Savannah right where she wants her!


But now the tables are turned... :)
But now the tables are turned… 🙂

Next week’s theme is nightly routine, which ought to be interesting.  How does one perfectly capture chaos?!

BTW, I apologize for the darkness of the photos. My camera doesn’t handle low light well, so I did go into Photoshop and adjust them. However, I’ve got a new laptop and I cannot figure out where on earth it’s hiding my pictures! Hopefully this mystery will be solved by week 3…

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