finally, a new year…

Annie leads the way, walking through tire tracks that Josh so nicely put throughout my front yard.
Annie leads the way, walking through tire tracks that Josh so nicely put throughout my front yard.

Welcome to week one of 2013!

I, for one, am more than happy to see 2012 speeding away in my rear-view mirror.  It was a bugger of a year in many ways, beginning straight-off with Tom losing his job, heart-wrenching family struggles, and the loss of my dad in October.  However, with the bitter there is also always the sweet: January brought Josh home safely from Afghanistan, our adorable grandson was born in February, my uncle Beaux finally received a long-awaited liver transplant in March, May brought both Braden’s high school graduation and the birth of Tom Jones Automotive, Braden and I had an amazing trip to Haiti with a group from our church in June, and the Tennessee Jones’ clan came home for a decidedly-white (and freezing!) Christmas.

Like most people, I definitely have a few resolutions I would like to keep for the coming year: eat healthier, exercise, spend more time enjoying the gift of family and friends and worrying less about grades and bills and all the usual stress, BLOG more than once every-other full moon on a routine basis, and play with my poor, neglected camera occasionally.

To help me do the latter, I am committing to a 52-Week Photo Project that my very sweet and ever-talented friend Nicole is hosting on her blog, Iotamaker. To see others’ take on each week’s theme, or join in yourself, you can follow the link above (don’t hesitate to leave some bloggee love… We’d never admit it, but there’s nothing that makes a blogger happier than to know if people like what we post. Or hate it. Or are indifferent… Really, we just want to know that someone other than our mother pays attention!).

This week’s theme was “52 steps from your front door.” Since taking 52 steps in most directions would only bring me to someone else’s doorstep and probably earn me more than a few crazy looks, my little Annie and I instead went out our back door and traipsed through the frozen tundra that is currently our yard. There just happened to be a gorgeous (yet somewhat unique) sunset that night, so that is what I decided to share.

Wishing you all a very blessed 2013!


“From the rising of the sun to its going down
The LORD’s name is to be praised.”
                                                       ~ Psalm 113:3

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  1. Oh what stunning images. Breathtaking. You my friend are talented. I for one am praying that your 2013 is full of all the joy you found in 2012 but a lot less of the heartache.

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