the balloon ride: before and during

So to continue on with yesterday’s balloon story, here are some more pictures from before and during the ride. Tomorrow I’ll share the story about the very unique “after.”

We had to get up at o’dark-hundred, absolutely the earliest I’ve been up on a Saturday for a longggg time…  Luckily, my mom still had some of my favorite Haitian coffee that I brought home from my trip earlier this summer, so I was fortified and ready to go. 🙂

These are mostly in the right order, but WP isn’t behaving as well as it normally does for me tonight.

Somebody else didn’t have Haitian coffee… 😉 Or maybe he’s just tired of his sister with the camera.
Almost ready to go!

This should actually be down towards the end. We almost landed here, and in fact got close enough to get a little bit wet.

And we’re off…
Our awesome ground crew come to our rescue… There was quite a good ground wind which gave us a rough landing, so they had to hold on tight to keep the balloon from drifting into a barbwire fence while we crawled out. That would be very bad!


My amazing brother and mom… ❤
Time to pack it all in.
It’s surprisingly heavy…
I can’t believe something so big can fit into such a small package!

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