wisdom wednesday – 29 aug. 2012

The past few weeks my sweet friends Bonnie and Roger have brought me gobs of goodies from their garden, including my family’s all-time favorite, corn on the cob!

Today’s post isn’t so much words of wisdom, but a short snippet by one of my favorite author’s, Garrison Keillor, in honor of their generosity…

“Back home, our fridge was always getting full in July. We took tomatoes to church to give away, as Christ said we should do, and arrived late and in the cloakroom we found paper sacks full of Christian tomatoes and cucumbers…

Sweet corn was our family’s weakness. We were prepared to resist atheistic Communism, immoral Hollywood, hard liquor, gambling and dancing, smoking, fornication, but if Satan had come around with sweet corn, we at least would have listened to what he had to sell. We might not have bought it but we would’ve had him in and given him a cup of coffee.”

~~ Garrison Keillor,  “Leaving Home: A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories,” p. xv-xvi.

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