flashback friday – 26 nov 2008

Each Friday I highlight old favorites from my now-abandoned blog “From the Top of the Stairs.” I hope you enjoy the re-runs as much as I do!

Is it possible to miss these days?  Yes… I think it is.


Every so often, my children push me into what I have come to not-so-endearingly call my “mommy meltdown mode.” You know, the kind where after you’re done, you’re not sure who’s older, you or them. Or you suddenly realize that you’ve reclaimed your own “inner child” when you’re stamping your foot and whining like a 2-year old. I know I’m not alone in this, even though, like me, most of us are probably more than a little embarrassed to admit it. At least, I HOPE I’m not alone in it!

Anyway, life has been kind of stressful for the last several weeks, both at work and at home. You’d think, after being raised by such a calm, caring, incredibly PATIENT mother, the adorable offspring would be more than willing to lay off of each other so as to bring peace and harmony to their stressed out mother.

Yeah, not so much at my house either.

Even though the work-week has been a short one, it really has felt like MUCH longer, and I was sooooo looking forward to just coming home and relaxing. Before I could even pull out of the parking lot, my cell phone rang with marching orders from the teens in my life to rent a certain movie, pick up McDonald’s french fries (I promise I’ll pay you back as soon as you get here!) and purchase highly-sugared and caffeinated soda. Since it’s Thanksgiving-eve, I thought I’d do them the favor and comply with the demands.

I went to 2 Redboxes, a grocery store, and finally the drug store before I could find the movie in question. I rushed home, french fries in hand (literally – I only ate 4! It’s a good thing I have to watch the stupid salt-thing or I probably would have gobbled them all) to spend time with my lovely children. Unfortunately, all 3 of them had school off today, so they’d been home doing apparently everything except their chores. So, mean mom that I am, I started barking out orders to get everything done. Then, I noticed my camera on the kitchen table (emphasis on the “my” – the kids don’t seem to understand that). Somebody, the universal “Not Me” that abides in the home of every child, has taken the memory card out of it, and nobody knows where it is. We have torn the house apart looking for it, but it’s just gone. The card has all the pictures that I’ve taken in the last two months: halloween, Evan’s birthday party, the trip to Bear Lake, etc. GONE. Nobody knows who did it, and honestly, nobody cares. Here she goes again… you can hear in their deep sighs. They’re just so picked on!

It wouldn’t drive me quite so crazy if this were the first time that I’ve dealt with this particular problem. But it’s not. Not quite 2 years ago, “Not Me” took the first card which had all of our summer hiking pictures on it; it eventually turned up AFTER it had been through the washer in somebody’s pants pocket. When Josh came home on leave this past summer, Evan took his memory card from his camera to download all the pictures onto the computer and then promptly lost it. The good news is that we have now found that one in the search for mine (I’ll mail it to you!). Words cannot tell you how frustrated I am…

Then, as if by mutual agreement, they’ve all been particularly hyper tonight. Bray and Savannah were wrestling around. Here’s how that conversation went:

Mom: “You two had better settle down before someo….

Savannah: ** Cries of Anguish **

Mom: “…ne gets hurt.”

Gosh, who saw that coming?

I really am thankful for my family, but at this moment, I’m most thankful that tomorrow’s a holiday, and I get to sleep in!

Deep sigh of my own…

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