flashback friday – 2 nov 2008

Each Friday I highlight old favorites from my now-abandoned blog “From the Top of the Stairs.” I hope you enjoy the re-runs as much as I do!

This may be one of my all-time favorite blog posts ever…  And mysteriously, it’s been many years since I’ve seen that particular frog figurine! Hmmm…

“SAY WHAT???!!!”

Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog was to have a record of the strange/ comical/ touching things that come out of my children’s mouths. Many times all three can even be rolled into the course of one 2-minute conversation. Last night was a perfect example…

Yesterday I did my weekly shopping with both Evan and Savannah in tow, which is usually a recipe for pushing me completely over the edge. As usual, I was teetering on the brink and once again asking myself “WHY, WHY, WHY did I bring them both????!!!” I’m a fairly bright woman, and I should KNOW how it would turn out… But alas, there we were.
Evan has an uncanny ability to know when he’s reaching dangerous levels, so he then employed his “I’m too cute, you can’t kill me” method of survival: turning on his considerable charm and wit. Both he and Braden can do the most authentic Australian accents you’ve ever heard, and they both were huge fans of the late Steve Irwin. Soooo… Evan spent the last 30 minutes giving the running voice-over in his best Crocodile Hunter voice: “Crikey, let’s take a look at this she-devil! Look at those eyes…” And on and on it went. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t help but laugh along with both of them.
Then, while cooking dinner in the kitchen (my most-awesome lemon-chicken spaghetti), Evan was playing on the laptop at the kitchen table and being his usual smart-alecky self, giving me a hard time about everything. I turned around to give him a retort, and saw that he had stuffed one of my little ceramic frogs up his nose (mind you, he IS 16 now; you would think he would be past this in the child-rearing stage, but anything to get mom’s goat!).
Without even thinking about it, I snapped: “Evan, get the frog out of your nose!” Braden just happened to be wandering through on his way outside and drily commented, “Now there’s something you don’t hear every day…”
Well, maybe not in other peoples’ homes! I know that I find myself saying things like that all the time, and they’re so commonplace that I don’t even find it odd anymore. 🙂
Then, even later in the evening, Savannah and I had to run into Logan. On the way back, she asked me “Mommy, can I ask you something?” I learned several years ago on a “just-us-girls” weekend trip to Idaho that those are dangerous words. It was apparent that she had been thinking about MANY intense things for quite some time, and now I was effectively held hostage. That was the LONGEST, most PAINFUL trip I’ve ever had!
Anyway, there were those words again. I’m a big believer in being totally honest with your kids, answering their every question to the best of your ability, but being mindful of age-appropriate explanations. Taking a deep breath, I shored myself up for whatever was coming. “Sure honey, what’s on your mind?”
“Why do you and daddy kiss all the time?” But it wasn’t just the word “kiss.” It was “KEEYISS,” dripping with the most disgust and horror that can only come from a 9-year old girl’s mouth. First off, Tom and I don’t Kee-Yiss all the time: I get a hug and a peck in the morning, and another when he comes home from work, if he remembers… 🙂 That’s it each day, sum total. But apparently for Savannah, that is just too much!
Sheesh… Is it any wonder that I’m ready for the funny farm?

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