wisdom wednesday – 16 may 2012

Can I just say how stressful life is right now?

Some good stress, some bad stress, some stress of my own making… (Hello. My name is Tracy and I am completely incapable of saying  “NO.” To anything.  It certainly comes easily enough for my kids!)

In my quest to get through school quicker, I decided to sign up for two summer courses. One on “Stress Management” – which, ironically, is totally stressing me out with the workload – and the other, a one-week Folklore Conference which will be chaotically jam-packed as well.

In addition, I am actually doing some major traveling this summer:

Braden, Savannah, and I are heading to Tennessee to see the new grandbaby, FINALLY. 🙂 We will spend a few days there, ditch Savannah with them, and then Braden and I are flying off to Haiti for a few weeks’ adventure with our church youth group to help out at an orphanage.  All very exciting things, but still stressful in their own way (on a side note – we get to start our Typhoid and Malaria medications soon! Yay… ) In the meantime, I have to shove six weeks of schooling into four, deal with several birthdays, and finish up not one, not two, but three dissertation/thesis reviews. Plus I have teenagers.

Let’s take a moment to pause and listen to my muffled cries…

I know that this road I’m on won’t last forever, and it won’t always be so crazy, but man could I use some balance in my life… just an inch or two extra on the tightrope I’m walking until the next hurdle. 🙂

All this to bring us to this week’s bit of wisdom:

“I regret less the road not taken than my all-fired hurry along the road I took.

~~ Robert Brault (www.robertbrault.com)

And the people said… Amen!

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