flashback friday – 22 August 2008

This is one of my favorites from the archives.  Unfortunately, since originally writing this post, we have had untold numbers of nighttime conversations just like this, with Tom supplying different excuses for “Why” he can’t just roll over… It’s a good thing I love the man or I might be tempted to smother him in his sleep! (she says, kiddingly?)

Late-night conversations…

 Me: Honey… honey… HONEY!

Tom: [Snorts] Huh?

Me: Roll over, please.

Tom: [Silence]

Me: Roll over!

Tom: Why?

Me: Because you’re snoring…

Tom: [after another minute of just laying there]
I don’t think so…

Now why on earth would I wake you up in the middle of the night and demand you roll over if you aren’t snoring?!!! He finally did roll over, but then the snoring level reached a new depth and level.


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