man vs. nature

Today was “burn your field” day at our house, something most people around these parts do every year or so to clear out the overgrowth and to make way for new life (or new weeds, if you happen to live in the Jones household).  It’s a time-honored tradition that my pyromaniacs boys (the 50-year-old included) look forward to each time.  You know – that man versus nature, taming the wild beast, male machismo stuff… You may have even heard the caveman-like grunting where you live!

Anyway, the battle was on:

Things started out simply enough (you can click on the pictures to see them larger):

Tom and Evan
Tom and Evan, walking the line
Burning the weeds, leaving the fence posts, just like you oughta!

Here Braden, with his makeshift turban/facemask, puts on a convincing show that he’s got everything under control…

However, things soon heat up, and I am unconvinced that the house will be left standing.  These were the small flames. It was too hot and smoky to take pictures of the raging inferno that darkened the burnt area in the foreground.

Meanwhile, the saner members of the family (that would be the girls), along with my daughter’s friend, spent most of our time out front where the air was clearer, putting together the trampoline and playing with Lucy (aka Lucifer, depending on how she’s behaving), our Cocker Spaniel.

There, I witnessed another heated battle. Savannah started by teaching Lucy how to play catch with a frisbee.

Savannah and Lucy playing tug-of-war

Things soon turned ugly, and the game turned to tug-of-war instead, something Lucy excels at!

I love the look on Savannah's face, and the fact that they color-coordinated their "outfits"!

It was touch and go for a minute, but then Savannah got the upper hand… Lucy took it gracefully, and they parted as friends.

Or so we thought!

“Haha!” she taunts, her true nature shining through.  “I win!!!”

Back behind the house another victor has had its final word as well:

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure fence posts aren't supposed to levitate!

“I swear I put that fire out!” Braden says. “Like 5 times!” Guess he should have removed the turban from over his eyes…

Final score?

Man: 0

Nature: 2

Who will be the winner next year?

(For more photos of “fun,” head on over to You Capture at “I Should Be Folding Laundry!”)

4 thoughts on “man vs. nature

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  1. What an awesome and fun post – although some of your Fun is a little intense. I love how you captured the heat of the flames and I love the stories that you told with your pictures. My favorite Lucy/Savannah picture is the one where she finally got the Frisbee away and Lucy rests on her chest and just looks happy. Of course the last one in each series took the cake. Wonderful post!

  2. Cute little family there (well I’m assuming about turban man, lol) but the dog and the girl I know for sure 🙂 I like how you told the story with your pics!

    Found you from You Capture!

  3. We can’t burn like that around here, California has pretty strict burning laws, but we start a good bonfire when we can. Of course, in my family, the women are the “pyros.” Great shots capturing the heat! Too bad about that fence post, but it makes for an interesting shot.

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