sharing a smile

One of the unexpected benefits of working towards my degree has been how many memories from my past, both good and bad, have been dredged up. I took my Creative Non-fiction class more than a year ago, but there are still so many things that pop into my head that I want to write about “when I have more time.” We all know how that goes!

This semester one of the classes I’m taking is an Introduction to Folklore, which I have absolutely loved.  I’m taking it online, so one of the things we have to do for assignments each week is to respond to a prompt about whichever genre of folklore we are covering that week.  Again – the number of stories this has brought back to me is amazing! I’ll be sharing more of them over the coming weeks, but I wanted to start off with this cute little kewpie doll that I used as an example of “Folk Material.”

She was made for me by the mother of my first “true love” and given to me on my 16th birthday, still the only “real” birthday party I ever had. Not only does the intricate crocheting of the outfit and blanket amaze me, but it also reminds me, in a roundabout way, of my grandpa who always called me his Kewpie doll.

With memories like these, how can you help but smile?


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