welcome to my new digs!

Or a better alternate title might be: I should be doing homework!

Welcome to my new blogging home.  I’ve moved on up from my blogger days, leaving “From the Top of the Stairs” behind me.  Now, as you can see from the new title, I’ve crawled out of my little hidey-hole in the attic and on out to the country side, much more in keeping with where I am in life.

I promise to try really, really hard to post more often than I was on the old one as well.  I see this blog as becoming a mish-mash of stories about the family (as was the old one), part memoir, part commentary on whatever I happen to feel strongly enough to write about, favorite quotes, and probably some of the best posts will wander over “From the Top of the Stairs.” And the list goes on…

Oh!  I also have set up a “snapshots” section (see it there on my menu bar?), so be sure to check it out often as I hope to start posting many more pictures.

Anyhoo… there you have it. Welcome to my new home.  Feel free to leave me some bloggy love (Go on – feel free to click my “follow” button) and offer any suggestions you may have or just a word of encouragement.  I’d love to know that SOMEBODY (besides just my mom – “Hi Mom!) is reading.

More to come soon…

2 thoughts on “welcome to my new digs!

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  1. Nothing to worry about …….those guys had the fire completely under control. Forget the fence post……it just depends on how you look at them !!

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